Visual English 0B
Unit 25


🐞 “Bugs and Bugs” unit introduces young learners to various insects, blending colourful visuals with interactive learning experiences.


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🔍 Identifying Different Insects: Children learn to identify and match different insects such as ladybugs, bees, and caterpillars through engaging matching activities.
🎵 Insect-themed Songs: Songs like “What Do You See” and “I Love Bugs!” introduce kids to the sounds and characteristics of various bugs, making learning catchy and memorable.
🖍️ Colouring Activities: Sheets that allow children to colour in pictures of butterflies and other insects, which helps reinforce their recognition and teaches them about the diversity of insect life.
🎥 Educational Videos: Videos such as “Bugging Fly” provide close-up looks at insects and their habitats, offering insights into their behaviours and roles in the environment.
🎮 Interactive Games: Games like “Catch a Bug” where children can ‘capture’ insects on screen, helping them learn about insect names and features playfully.
📚 Story Time: Stories and worksheets like “The Grumpy Bug” offer narratives centred around insects, which help children understand insect life and the ecosystem.
👥 Emotional Connection Activities: Activities that ask questions like “Are you scared of a spider?” to address common fears and misconceptions about insects, fostering a more positive attitude and curiosity.