Visual English 0B
Unit 24
My body


🤖 “My Body” unit introduces young learners to basic body parts through engaging robotic themes and playful interactions.


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👀 Labelling Body Parts: Children learn to identify and label body parts using interactive robot diagrams, such as labelling the head, shoulders, knees, and toes on fun robot characters.
🎵 Body-themed Songs: Kids enjoy catchy songs like “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,” which help them memorize the names of different body parts through repetition and motions.
📝 Drawing Activities: Activity sheets that encourage children to draw and connect parts to build their own robot, enhancing both their understanding of body parts and their motor skills.
🎥 Educational Videos: Videos like “Robot Doctor” demonstrate how different body parts function, providing a creative twist to learning anatomy with a robotic theme.
🖍️ Colouring Worksheets: Worksheets where children can colour pictures of robots and their various components, which correspond to human body parts, fostering a visual understanding of anatomy.
🎮 Interactive Body Games: Digital games and animations that involve making the robot move its arms, legs, and head, helping kids learn how body parts work together to create movement.