Visual English 0B
Unit 23
At the farm


🐄 “Let’s Go to the Farm” unit introduces young learners to farm animals, blending playful visuals with interactive learning experiences.


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🎵 Farm-themed Songs: Children enjoy catchy tunes like “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” which introduce different farm animals and the sounds they make, enhancing their auditory learning.
🐑 Matching Farm Animals: Interactive activities where children match animals to their pictures and sounds, helping them recognize and name farm animals correctly.
📚 Story Time Videos: Engaging stories set on farms, such as “Let’s Go To The Farm,” show real-life farm scenarios and animal behaviours, making learning relatable and fun.
🎨 Drawing and Colouring Activities: Sheets that allow children to draw and colour farm animals, like cows, horses, and sheep, reinforcing their recognition and artistic skills.
🎥 Educational Videos: Videos that depict farm animals in various activities, teaching children about the roles these animals play on the farm.
🧩 Farm Animal Worksheets: Worksheets that involve activities like counting animals, identifying animal homes, and understanding what foods they eat.