Visual English 0B
Unit 21


🚗 “How Do You Get Here?” unit introduces young learners to various modes of transportation, integrating vibrant visuals with interactive learning experiences.


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🚂 Vehicle Matching Activities: Children learn to identify different vehicles through fun matching games where they connect vehicles with their names and functions.
🎵 Transportation-themed Songs: Engaging songs like “Wheels on the Bus” and “Let’s Go Riding in Our Car” introduce children to different transportation sounds and purposes.
📚 Story Time Videos: Animated stories like “We All Go Travelling By” provide children with narratives that involve various transportation methods, enhancing their understanding and vocabulary.
🎮 Interactive Transportation Games: Online games that allow children to build and customize their own vehicles, such as “Create a Car,” help reinforce their knowledge of vehicle parts and their functions.
✏️ Colouring and Activity Sheets: Worksheets that involve colouring and activity tasks, such as decorating a rocket or colouring various transport vehicles as per instructions, to improve their recognition and creativity.
🚦 Transportation Safety Lessons: Basic lessons on transportation safety, such as traffic light recognition and pedestrian rules, to ensure children learn about safe travel from an early age.
🎨 Craft Activities: Hands-on projects like constructing simple paper aeroplanes or boats, which provide a practical understanding of how different vehicles function.