Visual English 0B
Unit 2
What is your name?


📝 Embark on the journey of self-identification with the “What’s Your Name?” unit, designed to help young learners recognize and write their names.


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🖊️ Name Writing Practice: Learn to write names using pencils, pens, markers, and crayons through guided exercises.
🗣️ Introducing Oneself: Practice saying “My name is…” to boost confidence in self-introduction.
✍️ Tracing Letters: Trace the letters of the alphabet to aid in writing the learners’ own names.
🔤 Letter Recognition: Enhance recognition of the letters in their names with fun matching and colouring activities.
🖼️ Draw a Self-Portrait: Encourage creativity and self-expression by drawing their own portraits.
📚 Alphabet Practice: Solidify understanding of the alphabet by colouring letters and associating them with names.