Visual English 0B
Unit 17
Winter snowman


🎩⛄ Winter Snowman unit offers a chilly exploration of the season’s quintessential figure: the snowman.


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🌨️ Anatomy of a Snowman: Identify and label the parts of a snowman, such as the hat, scarf, buttons, and nose, enhancing vocabulary and understanding of winter clothing.
🎨 Decorate Your Snowman: A hands-on activity that allows children to customize their own snowman with items like eyes, a nose, arms, and clothing, encouraging artistic expression.
🕵️‍♂️ Find the Differences: A fun game where kids spot differences between two snowy scenes, promoting attention to detail.
🎶 Winter Songs and Stories: Includes engaging multimedia resources like songs about snowmen and winter, as well as animated stories that bring the snowy adventures to life.
📜 Worksheets and Games: Additional materials like colouring sheets, dress-up worksheets, and build-your-own snowman games to reinforce learning and provide further interaction with the winter theme.