Visual English 0B
Unit 16
My toys


πŸ§ΈπŸš‚ “My Favourite Toy” unit invites young learners to explore a world of play.


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πŸ€– Identify Toys: Activities help children recognize and name different toys such as robots, cars, and dolls.
🎡 Toy Songs: Kids enjoy learning songs like “My Teddy Bear” that incorporate different toys, enhancing their language and auditory skills.
πŸ” Do You Have These Toys?: A yes/no activity where children can interact with the material by identifying the toys they personally own.
🎨 Draw and Match: Exercises that allow children to draw their favourite toys and match toys to their descriptions, fostering both creativity and critical thinking.
🧩 Learning and Play: The unit also includes engaging videos and worksheets that extend learning through interactive stories and songs about toys.