Visual English 0B
Unit 14
My pet


🐾🐢🐱 Do You Have a Pet? Unit invites young learners to explore the world of pets, introducing them to various types of animals that people keep as companions and the responsibilities involved in caring for them.


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🐒 Identify Pets: Children learn to identify different types of common pets such as dogs, cats, birds, and fish through engaging matching activities.
πŸ• Pet Care Exploration: Activities include understanding what different pets need to live happily and healthily, like food types and shelter.
🐦 Seasonal Pet Activities: Kids discover how to care for pets during different seasons, emphasizing how their needs change with the weather.
🏠 Matching Pets to Their Homes: Exercises that help children connect each pet to its appropriate living environment, like matching a fish to a fishbowl or a bird to a birdcage.
🎨 Draw Your Favourite Pet: A creative section that allows children to draw their favourite pet, fostering a personal connection and understanding of the pet’s features.