Visual English 0B
Unit 12
My house


🏠 “My House” unit, children engage in a creative exploration of house-related elements through interactive and colourful activities.


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🖍️ Colour the House: Kids learn about the different parts of a house by colouring predefined sections like the roof, walls, and windows in specific colours.
🏡 Design Your House: This activity encourages children to use their imagination to design a house by placing elements such as doors, windows, and trees on a blank house template.
🌈 Decorate Your House: Learners get stickers to add personal touches to their house, fostering a sense of individuality and creativity.
🎵 Building House Video Song: An engaging video that uses a catchy song to teach children about the construction and parts of a house.
📺 Let’s Build A House Story: An interactive video story that takes children through the steps of building a house, enhancing their understanding through visual storytelling.
🎨 My House Craft Video: A craft video that guides children on how to make a simple model of a house using everyday materials, promoting hands-on learning and creativity.
🕹 Interactive House Building Game: An online game where children can virtually build a house, selecting materials and colours to create their own unique home.