Visual English 0B
Unit 10
Make a face


🧒🎨 Unit 10: Make a Face offers young learners a creative and interactive way to explore facial features and expressions.


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🖌️ Draw the Face Parts: Children learn to identify and place various facial features such as eyes, nose, mouth, and ears correctly.
😃 Understanding Emotions: Activities that involve matching different facial expressions to corresponding emotions, helping children to recognize and express feelings.
🎭 Create Your Monster: An imaginative activity where children can draw and name their own unique monsters, encouraging creativity and storytelling.
🧩 Facial Features Puzzle: Puzzles that require placing facial features in the correct position on a face template, enhancing fine motor skills and spatial recognition.
🎨 Colour the Features: Colouring activities focused on facial parts, allowing children to experiment with colours and designs.
👧 Expression Matching: Children match facial expressions with scenarios or emotions, promoting empathy and emotional intelligence.