Visual English 0B
Unit 1
Let’s say hello


🌞 Dive into the “Good Morning” unit, a delightful introduction to daily greetings and understanding the concept of time for young learners.


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🌅 Morning Greetings: Learn to say “Good morning” and other related greetings through matching exercises.
🌞 Day and Night Cycle: Explore the sequence of a typical day from morning to night with fun colouring activities.
🖍️ Colour the Sun and Moon: Get creative with colouring exercises that feature the sun for daytime and the moon for nighttime.
🕗 Time Telling Basics: Introduce the basics of time by associating different times of the day with routine activities.
👋 Interactive Greetings: Engage in activities that involve saying hello and goodbye, enhancing social skills.
🌈 Colour Matching: Match colours to specific times of day, such as a yellow sun or a grey moon, to reinforce learning about time.