Visual English 0A
Unit 8


Unit 8: How’s the weather? 🌦️🎨
Dive into the world of weather! This unit is designed to introduce young learners to different types of weather through a variety of engaging activities and learning materials.


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🌞 Understanding Weather Types: Learn about sun, rain, snow, and storms through playful illustrations and descriptive content.
🎨 Colour the Weather: Engage in colouring activities that focus on different weather icons like sunny, rainy, snowy, and stormy conditions.
🎵 Songs and Videos: Enjoy educational songs that describe various weather conditions, helping children learn in a fun and memorable way.
🕺 Weather Dance: Get active with the “Weather Dance” video that encourages children to move according to the depicted weather type.
🖍️ Draw and Colour: Activities include drawing and colouring items like umbrellas and clouds, fostering creativity while learning about the weather.
Weather Wheel Craft:
🎨 Activity: Create a weather wheel using cardboard and split pins. Divide the wheel into sections depicting different weather types like sunny, rainy, snowy, and stormy.
🔄 Use: Children can spin the wheel to match the day’s weather, enhancing their understanding and observation skills.