Visual English 0A
Unit 6
I see blue


“I See Colours” Unit 🌈
Dive into the vibrant world of colours with the “I See Colours” unit! Perfect for young learners, this unit combines colourful activities, engaging songs, and interactive games to teach children about different colours and how to recognize them in the world around them.


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🖍️ Colour Identification
Learn to identify blue, yellow, red, and purple through engaging colouring activities.
🎨 Colour the Monster
Unleash your creativity by applying colours to delightful monster templates.
🎵 Songs and Videos
Enjoy vibrant songs like “I See Something Blue” that teach colours through catchy lyrics and melodies.
🔍 Find and Match
Search for objects of specific colours in a fun scavenger hunt style activity.
🧩 Colour Sorting Games
Interactive games that reinforce colour recognition by sorting objects into their correct colour categories.
🕺 Colour Hop
Place coloured mats or paper on the floor and call out colours or hold up coloured flashcards. Children will jump to the colour called out, enhancing both colour recognition and physical activity.
🏃 Colour Tag
In this variation of tag, a player who is ‘it’ holds a coloured flag. Other players must touch something of the same colour to be safe from being tagged.
🪑 Musical Colours
Like musical chairs, but with coloured mats. When the music stops, children rush to stand on a mat. Remove one mat each round to add fun and challenge.
🏁 Colour Sorting Race
Teams race to sort a mixed pile of coloured balls or objects into separate coloured containers.
🔎 Colour Scavenger Hunt
Create a list of coloured objects for children to find either in the classroom or outdoors. This can be a great observational skill enhancer.