Visual English 0A
Unit 30


🐰🥚 Dive into the colorful world of Easter with the “Egg-citing Easter” unit, perfect for young learners to celebrate spring and explore festive traditions.


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🐇 Bunny Match and Colour: Children can match colourful Easter bunnies with decorated eggs, enhancing colour recognition and matching skills.
🎨 Colour the Eggs: Provides colouring pages filled with intricate egg designs, allowing kids to express their creativity while working on their fine motor skills.
🧮 Count the Eggs: An interactive activity where children count variously patterned Easter eggs, fostering number recognition and counting abilities.
🖍️ Decorate Your Own Egg: Blank egg templates are provided for children to design their own Easter eggs, encouraging imagination and artistic expression.
🐣 Easter Crafts: Engage in simple Easter crafts that celebrate the season, perfect for developing crafting skills and creativity.
📚 Story time: Enjoy Easter-themed stories that teach about the holiday’s traditions and symbols, promoting literacy and cultural understanding.