Visual English 0A
Unit 3
Traffic lights


“Traffic Lights & Road Safety” 🚦🚗
Get set for a journey through the “Traffic Lights & Road Safety” unit, perfect for young learners to understand the basics of road safety and the importance of traffic signals. This educational package combines playful songs, engaging worksheets, and interactive games to teach children how to navigate the roads safely.


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🚦 Understanding Traffic Lights: Learn the meaning of red, yellow, and green lights through fun colouring activities and songs.
🎨 Colour & Learn: Activities that involve colouring traffic lights and identifying the correct colours for stop (red), wait (yellow), and go (green).
🎵 Songs and Music Videos: Enjoy catchy songs like “Red Light, Green Light” that embed the rules of road safety in memorable melodies.
🚸 Safety First Games: Interactive games that reinforce the concepts of road crossing and traffic light compliance.
📝 Worksheets: Engage with worksheets that encourage drawing and connecting traffic-related items, enhancing both creativity and learning.
🖍️ Trace the Lines: Develop fine motor skills by tracing paths related to different traffic scenarios.