Visual English 0A
Unit 29


🎄✨ Welcome to the “Magical Christmas” unit, where the spirit of the holidays comes alive for young learners.


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🎅 Count with Santa’s Elves: Interactive counting activities featuring Santa’s elves in their sleigh, helping children develop number recognition and counting skills.
🖍️ Draw Yourself on the Sleigh: A drawing activity that invites children to imagine themselves riding in Santa’s sleigh, boosting creativity and self-expression.
🎁 Match the Presents: A fun matching game where children connect elves to their correct gifts, enhancing their problem-solving and matching skills.
🧩 Christmas Crafts: Engage in holiday-themed crafts that allow children to create festive decorations, fostering fine motor skills and holiday spirit.
🎨 Colour Santa and His Sleigh: Colouring activities that feature Santa Claus and his magical sleigh, encouraging colour recognition and artistic skills.
📚 Story time with Santa: Enjoy Christmas stories that captivate the festive mood, promoting literacy and listening skills.