Visual English 0A
Unit 28


🎃🦈 Dive into the “Halloween Sharks and Spooky Fun” unit, where children explore Halloween through the playful and spooky theme of sharks in costumes!


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👻 Spooky Shark Costumes: Children can watch videos of sharks dressed in various Halloween costumes, enhancing their understanding of the holiday’s themes.
🖌️ Colour and Match: Offers coloring activities with sharks and other Halloween figures, allowing kids to express their artistic side while learning about colors and shapes.
🎵 Halloween Songs: Enjoy catchy Halloween-themed songs that get kids singing, dancing, and learning about rhythm and rhyme.
🎨 Draw Your Halloween Costume: Encourages children to draw their ideal Halloween costumes, fostering creativity and imagination.
🧩 Match the Costume Shadows: Helps develop cognitive skills by matching shark silhouettes to their corresponding dressed figures.
🖍️ Halloween Craft Activities: Engage with crafts that allow children to create their own Halloween decorations and costumes.