Visual English 0A
Unit 27
Ice cream


🍦🌈 Scoop into the “Sweet Treats: Ice Cream Galore” unit, a deliciously educational journey through the world of ice cream!


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🍓 Colour the Ice Cream: Children can colour ice cream cones using a variety of shades, learning about colours while exploring different flavours like strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla.
🤔 Yummy or Yucky: This activity invites kids to express their preferences by deciding which ice cream flavours they find yummy or yucky, encouraging decision-making and taste exploration.
🎨 Draw Your Favourite Ice Cream: A creative drawing activity that allows children to design their dream ice cream cone, fostering imagination and artistic skills.
🍦 Ice Cream Flavours Match: Match ice cream cones to their correct flavours, enhancing memory and recognition skills.
🖍️ Flavour Colouring Fun: Offers detailed colouring pages featuring different ice cream flavours, promoting fine motor skills and attention to detail.
🍨 Count the Scoops: Simple math activity where children count the number of scoops on each cone, promoting early numeracy skills.