Visual English 0A
Unit 26
Let’s go to the beach


🏖️🐠 Dive into the “At the Beach” unit, where children discover the fascinating world of sea creatures through playful songs, colourful activities, and interactive crafts.


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🎨 Colour the Sea Animals: Use vibrant colours to bring different sea creatures to life, helping children improve their motor skills and colour recognition.
🐟 Count the Fish: A counting activity where children learn numbers and basic arithmetic by counting various colourful fish and sea creatures.
🌟 Match the Pictures: Develop critical thinking and memory by matching sea creatures with their shadows.
🐙 Sea Creatures Songs: Enjoy catchy songs about sea creatures that enhance auditory learning and language skills.
🦀 Craft Sea Creatures: Engage in crafts to create favourite sea animals, enhancing creativity and manual dexterity.
🕵️‍♂️ Explore Marine Life: Introduce basic facts about different marine species through beautifully illustrated videos and interactive storybooks.