Visual English 0A
Unit 25


🐞🦋 Explore the fascinating world of bugs with the “Bugs” unit, tailored for young learners to discover the colourful and diverse insects around them.


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🐝 Identify Bugs: Learn about different bugs like bees and butterflies.
🎨 Colouring Activities: Colour various bug outlines, enhancing fine motor skills and colour recognition.
🎵 Insect Songs: Sing along to catchy tunes about butterflies, ladybugs, and bumblebees.
🖍️ Matching Games: Match bugs with their shadows to develop cognitive skills and attention to detail.
🧩 Educational Crafts: Create bug-themed crafts that encourage creativity and reinforce learning about insect anatomy and environments.
🐞 Fear Exploration: Discuss common fears related to insects and learn positive ways to react to bugs.