Visual English 0A
Unit 23
Rain rain go away


🌧️🌈 “Rain Rain Go Away” unit is a delightful exploration of weather patterns, specifically focusing on rain, and how it affects the world around us.


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🎵 Rain-Themed Songs: Sing along to catchy tunes about rain that help children learn about weather in a fun and memorable way.
🖍️ Colouring Activities: Colour pictures of rainy scenes, teaching kids about what happens during and after the rain.
Crafting Umbrellas and Rain Boots: Get creative by designing and decorating paper umbrellas and rain boots.
🧩 Matching Activities: Engage in matching exercises that connect different types of weather gear with their uses.
✍️ Educational Worksheets: Solve puzzles and worksheets that reinforce the concepts taught through hands-on learning.