Visual English 0A
Unit 22
To the moon


🚀🌌 Blast off into space with the “To the Moon” unit, an exciting adventure for children to explore outer space through engaging activities and creative learning methods.


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🌑 Space Exploration: Learn about the solar system, planets, and stars through interactive songs and activities.
🎨 Colour and Draw: Use colouring sheets to decorate spacesuits, rockets, and planets, enhancing creativity and motor skills.
🛸 Spaceship Matching: Match the correct spaceship to its shadow to develop visual and spatial awareness.
🚀 Craft Your Spaceship: Engage in crafts to build model spaceships, fostering both creativity and understanding of simple engineering concepts.
🌟 Stellar Puzzles: Solve puzzles that revolve around space themes to boost problem-solving skills.
🎼 Space-Themed Songs: Enjoy catchy tunes that teach about travelling through space and the wonders of the universe.