Visual English 0A
Unit 20


🌟🦕 Dive into the prehistoric world with the “Dinosaur Discoveries” unit, crafted to spark curiosity about these ancient creatures among young learners.


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🦖 Identify Dinosaurs: Learn about various dinosaurs such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl through colourful illustrations.
🎨 Colouring Dinosaurs: Use creativity in colouring activities that feature dinosaurs, fostering fine motor skills and colour recognition.
🎶 Dinosaur Songs: Enjoy catchy tunes that provide fun facts about dinosaurs, enhancing auditory learning and memory.
🖍️ Dinosaur Shadow Matching: Match dinosaur silhouettes to their pictures to develop visual discrimination and cognitive skills.
🤸 Dinosaur Movement Games: Simulate dinosaur movements through playful activities that encourage physical engagement and understanding of how these creatures might have moved.
🧩 Count the Dinosaurs: Incorporate counting exercises with dinosaur themes to improve numerical skills and attention to detail.