Visual English 0A
Unit 18


🍓🫐 Embark on a delicious learning journey with the “Yummy Berries” unit, tailored for young learners to explore various types of berries through interactive and engaging activities.


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🍓 Identify Different Berries: Learn about strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and more through vibrant illustrations.
🎨 Colour and Trace: Engage in colouring activities that help reinforce the identification of berries by tracing and colouring berry outlines.
🎵 Songs and Videos: Enjoy lively songs like “Nom Nom Nom Berries” that introduce different berries with catchy lyrics and tunes.
🧮 Count the Berries: Develop counting skills with fun worksheets that feature arrays of various berries to count and categorize.
✏️ Drawing Activities: Encourage creativity by drawing and colouring their favourite berries and creating berry-related artwork.
🔍 Match the Berries: Interactive games and worksheets where children can match berry images to their shadows or names, enhancing memory and recognition.