Visual English 0A
Unit 17
My toys


🧸 Embark on a playful adventure with “My Toys,” a delightful educational unit designed for young learners to explore and express their preferences for various toys.


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Identify and Match Toys: Children engage in activities where they identify different toys and match them with their corresponding shapes and names, enhancing recognition skills and vocabulary development. 🧩
Draw Your Favourite Toy: A creative segment that invites children to draw their favourite toys, encouraging personal expression and development of fine motor skills. 🖍ī¸
Songs and Videos: Enjoyable educational content that includes songs and videos themed around toys, helping to reinforce concepts through catchy lyrics and colourful visuals. đŸŽĩ
Interactive Games: Games designed to encourage sorting and imaginative play, fostering critical thinking and cooperative play skills. 🕹ī¸
Educational Worksheets: Worksheets that promote colouring, matching, and connecting toys with their names, supporting creativity and cognitive growth. ✏ī¸
Toy Customization Crafts: Crafts that allow children to create and personalize their own toys, aiding in the development of creativity and fine motor skills. 🎨