Visual English 0A
Unit 15


❄️⛄ Embark on a chilly adventure with the “Winter Snowman” unit, designed to engage young learners with the wonders of winter and snowman building.


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🌨️ Understand Winter Weather: Explore the characteristics of winter through educational videos like “Little Snowflake”.
❄️ Build a Virtual Snowman: Engage with online games that allow children to design their own virtual snowman, enhancing their creativity and understanding of winter attire and accessories.
🎨 Snowman Craft Activities: Create snowmen using various crafts, encouraging fine motor skills and artistic expression.
🧩 Matching Games: Develop critical thinking by matching snowflakes and snowmen shadows, which help improve visual discrimination skills.
🎵 Winter Songs and Videos: Enjoy winter-themed songs that teach about the season’s attributes and how to dress appropriately for the cold.
📝 Worksheets and Coloring Activities: Provide themed worksheets for coloring and educational tasks like counting snowflakes, promoting both creativity and learning.