Visual English 0A
Unit 14
5 little monkeys


🐒🎶 Jump into the playful world of “Five Little Monkeys”! This engaging unit helps young learners practice counting and enhance motor skills through songs, crafts, and interactive games.


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🐵 Counting Fun: Utilize catchy songs like “Five Little Monkeys” to teach counting in a musical way.
🖍️ Colouring Activities: Colour illustrations of monkeys and other thematic images to improve fine motor skills.
🛌 Jumping on the Bed Simulation: A physical activity where children can safely simulate the jumping monkeys, enhancing their physical coordination.
🔢 Number Matching: Engage with worksheets and games that reinforce number recognition and counting skills.
🖌️ Craft Activities: Create monkey masks or paper monkeys to boost creativity and thematic understanding.
🎲 Interactive Games: Play themed games that build on the concepts of numbers and sequencing taught through the songs.
🖼️ Drawing: Encourage children to draw themselves or monkeys in different scenarios to foster imagination and understanding of the story.
📚 Story Time: Use animated videos and read-alouds from the song to discuss themes like consequences and safety.