Visual English 0A
Unit 13
Driving my car


🚗 🚗 Hop into the fun with “Driving My Car,” an exciting unit for young learners to explore different types of transportation through various interactive activities and engaging educational content.


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🖍️ Colour the Car: Enhance colour recognition skills by filling in numbered sections of a car illustration with corresponding colours.
🔍 Match the Pictures: Connect different types of transportation to their related items, such as a bike to a helmet or a boat to an oar, reinforcing recognition and vocabulary.
🎨 Vehicle Crafting: Create simple vehicle crafts using paper cutouts and everyday materials, helping kids understand shapes and functions of different transport.
🎲 Vehicle Shadow Matching: Engage kids in a shadow matching game where they match various vehicles to their shadows, boosting visual spatial awareness and critical thinking.
🚌 Ride the School Bus: Incorporate a pretend play session where kids can take turns driving a school bus made from a cardboard box, fostering imagination and social skills.
🎤 Car Wash Song and Dance: Introduce a lively song about cars and washing them, encouraging children to sing along and perform washing motions, which helps in developing motor skills and rhythm.
✂️ Cut and Glue Activities: Use scissors and glue to assemble parts of vehicles or arrange them into a collage, promoting fine motor skills and creativity.
🧩 Vehicle Puzzles: Solve simple puzzles that feature different vehicles, aiding in problem-solving and recognition.