Visual English 0A
Unit 12
I can


🌟🐒 Jump into the exciting “Can You Jump?” unit, designed for children to explore physical movements and understand the actions of different animals. This interactive unit blends fun songs, dynamic activities, and creative crafts to encourage physical development and coordination in young learners.


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🐸 Jump Like Animals: Engage in activities where children mimic the jumping movements of frogs, kangaroos, and more.
🎨 Colour and Match: Colour activities that help identify animals associated with specific movements like flying, swimming, or jumping.
🎶 Movement Songs: Enjoy energetic songs that encourage children to jump along and learn about different movements.
🖍️ Drawing Exercises: Draw animals and figures in motion, reinforcing understanding of action words.
🤸 Physical Games: Incorporate simple physical games that prompt children to jump, fly, or swim in place, enhancing both their imagination and physical skills.
🧩 Match the Actions: Match pictures of animals to their corresponding actions, fostering cognitive skills alongside physical activity.