Visual English 0A
Unit 10
My teeth


🦷🦷🦷 Unit 10 is designed to teach children about dental hygiene through engaging and educational activities that blend craft, song, and interactive elements. 🦷🦷🦷


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🎨 Toothpaste Art: Create art using white paint to simulate toothpaste, helping kids learn about proper toothbrushing techniques.
🎵 Sing-Along Songs: Enjoy catchy tunes like “Brush Your Teeth” that encourage regular brushing habits.
🖌️ Craft a Smile: Use cut-out paper teeth or beans to make smiling mouths, teaching kids about the structure and care of teeth.
🎮 Interactive Games: Play “Find the Missing Tooth” to make learning about dental care exciting and interactive.
📘 Story Time: Hear tales of the tooth fairy and other dental adventures through engaging storytelling.
Family Story Time: Utilise stories and videos, like “Nastya and the story about the tooth fairy”, to discuss family bonds and caring for each other. 📖💖