Visual English
The Method

Visual English
Igniting Young Minds for English Excellence!

We are Izabela and Yuga Buassa, the visionary minds of Visual English which is a revolutionary approach to teaching English language learning for ESL young learners.

After teaching for many years, we recognized the critical need for innovative educational materials to improve verbal communication, conversation, and direct interaction among young learners during lessons.
Spearheaded by Izabela Buassa, this initiative was ignited by creating a dynamic and engaging teaching approach that promotes meaningful conversations with young learners, using funny images, gifs, and videos that children can relate to.

Recognizing the lack of resources for English teachers to create vibrant conversational content, we saw the challenges educators face in navigating different internet sources. The struggle to gather information from various places without a central hub hindered the possibility to create a captivating learning environment.

This realization ignited the Visual English Platform.
Our platform addresses this gap by providing teachers and language schools with a convenient repository of ready-made materials. We offer a set of 10 books containing printable materials, as well as flashcards and video resources and games. This significantly reduces prep time for educators. Our Interactive Learning Materials are meticulously crafted to immerse students in 200-300 images per unit, ensuring a highly engaging learning experience.

These materials also feature thoughtfully crafted questions, employing the direct method of teaching English. The key difference lies in students using images as a means of communication, promoting maximum engagement and fostering active student participation. This innovative approach not only enhances knowledge retention but also makes the learning experience more dynamic and interactive.

Why Choose Visual English?

Interactive Learning Materials:
Immerse in 200–300 images per unit for an engaging experience.

Structured Questions for Maximum Engagement:
Crafted to inspire student participation and enhance knowledge retention.

Minimal prep time for educators, allowing a focus on impactful teaching.

Targeted to Young Learners Aged 4-15

Ages 4-8
Beginner Level
Simple phrases and vocabulary
Short sentence

Ages 9-12
Intermediate Level
Expansion of phrases and vocabulary
Longer sentences

Ages 13-15
Advanced Level
Complex sentences and grammar
Focus on reading and writing skills

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